Signs, Parts, Accessories

Signs, Parts, Accessories

Double-sided reflective 911 emergency phone sign
Double-sided reflective phone sign
Electronic ringer fits in most  phones.<BR>Price includes shipping to all 50 states.
Automatic line-sharing adapter for emergency phones.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA
Replacement handset<br>with volume control.<br>7-Year warranty.<br><b>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.</b>

G-style with 3-step volume control. Telephone industry standard design.
Amplified Handsets<br>for many phones

We can provide amplified handsets for use with many phones, to help hearing-impaired people and for use in noisy environments. These handsets have more amplification than our standard volume-control handsets.
<font color="#FF0000"><b>Telephone Cords</b></font>
Loud Signals & Strobe Lights

The perfect solutions for knowing that a call is coming in, in a noisy environment; or where you don't want disturbing sounds.
Heavy Duty "A/B switch"<br>for selecting lines or phones

Allows you to connect one phone (or phone-like device) to either of two lines; or one line to either of two phones (or phone-like devices). There are three RJ-11 single-line phone jacks on the back.
Ring-Down Circuit<br>provides instant Hot-Line intercom<br>between two phones.<br>Go up to 2.6 miles from box.<br><b>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.</b>

Great for use with our no-dial/no-memory phones. When either phone goes off-hook, the other phone rings. Provides 2 seconds of dial tone and ring-back signal to the calling phone. Uses simple RJ11 modular jacks. You can have up to 2.6 miles of 24g wire between phones. Even works with cordless phones. (Phones are not included.)