Armored phones

<font color="#FF0000">Armored phones</font>

Heavy-duty stainless-steel armored wall phone<br>for surface or flush mounting.<br>Automatic or manual dialing.<br><b>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.</b>
Armored hotline phone with speed-dial button.<br>Heavy-duty stainless steel<br>with armored cord.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
Heavy-duty armored stainless steel wall phone<br>with no dial<br>for answer-only or hotline use.<br>
Vandal-resistant wall phone with armored handset cord,<br>metal cradle, 5-year warranty.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA,<br>Black or Red
Wall phone with armored handset cord.<br>One-year warranty.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.<br>Available in two colors.
Red Armored<b> "EMERGENCY</b>" wall phone<br>with no dial, for external memory<br>or answer-only.<br><b>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.<br>2-Year warranty.</b><br><br>THIS PHONE HAS NO MEMORY.<br>IT NEEDS EXTERNAL CIRCUITRY TO MAKE A CALL.
Vandal-resistant red 911-only wall phone.<br>Armored handset cord, keypad and switch hook.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
KIM'S Phone II<br>Red  911-ONLY wall phone<br>with ARMORED CORD.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
Ours alone! Vandal-resistant wall phone<br>with armored cord,<br>chrome keypad and cradle.<br>Two colors.<br><b>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.</b>
Emergency auto-dial speakerphones.<br>Three colors available.<br>For outdoor or indoor use.<br><b>FREE SHIPPING in USA.</b>

From $325
New COP CALLER<br>Automatic-dialing, weather-resistant speakerphone.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
Flush-mount emergency phone<br>can call two numbers.<br><b>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.</b><BR>TWO-YEAR WARRANTY.
FREE SHIPPING in the USA.<br>Payphone-syle armored emergency phone
NEW!<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.<br>911-Only payphone-syle armored emergency phone
FREE SHIPPING in the USA.<br>Armored "Bigboy" phone with four speed-dial buttons.<br>Choose red or blue.
Automatic line-sharing adapter for emergency phones.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA
Vandal-resistant, weather-protected<br>Hot-Line wall phone.<br>Armored handset cord. Flush or surface mounting.<br>Stainless steel panel.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.