Dial-in-Handset ("trimline")

Dial-in-Handset ("trimline")

In 1965, the Beatles rocked, Ford Mustangs rolled -- and the AT&T Trimline telephone rang for the first time in American homes.

Its unique combination of small size and dialing from the handset was sensible, convenient and extremely popular.

The Trimline telephone was selected to be part of the Permanent Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art, the only communications product selected for this honor. Fortune magazine cited the phone as one of the 25 best products of 1977, twelve years after its introduction. In 1986, the AT&T Trimline telephone was selected for the Designed in America exhibit of the U.S. Information Agency.

Forty years later, the dial-in-handset style is still extremely popular -- it influenced millions of cordless phones and cellphones. Unfortunately, there are lots of low-quality knock-offs selling for as little as $8. The AT&T brand now belongs to VTech, a company with a less-than-wonderful reputation.

Fortunately, you can still get a high-quality dial-in-handset phone. Cortelco (the long-time phone maker formerly known as ITT) was licensed years ago to make copies of the ATT Trimline. Originally, the ITT Trendline and ATT Trimline were identical; but the Trendline has evolved considerably. It's better than the current ATT-branded Trimline, and, unlike the Trimline, it's available in BRIGHT RED.

THIS IS NOT JUNK! High quality, used in airports and hotels.