<font color="#3366CC" face="Arial">CHROME PHONES</font>
Lots of companies have made sort-of-silvery phones, usually with fake aluminum or fake steel finishes. But none of those phones can match the deep, reflective, glossy surface of our new CHROME PHONES.

They are unlike any other phones you've seen. They have a genuine chrome finish -- even the handset cord -- and are absolutely dazzling. They're perfect for hotels, restaurants, casinos, point-of-purchase, ordering kiosks, model homes, lobbies, concierge desks, waiting rooms, executive offices, and homes. They're great as gifts.

They are as shiny and as exciting as a new iPod.

But the beauty is not merely skin-deep. These are high-quality commercial-grade phones, built to last for years and years, but with the addition of a unique, brilliant chrome finish.

You can choose from a dozen models for different applications plus many custom modifications and accessories. You can choose phones with or without touchtone dials, desk or wall models, automatic dialing, and armored handset cords. Many options are available to provide a perfect custom solution with such features as message-waiting lights, electronic ringers, data ports and Braille keypads.

DISCLAIMER & WARRANTY: Just like the chrome finish on an iPod, the high-gloss chrome finish on these phones can be dulled by constant touching. The chrome finish is warranted for one year against cracking or fading. Normal wear and tear or user scratches are not covered. The mechanical and electonic components are warranted for SEVEN YEARS.

NOTE: These phones are MADE TO ORDER, and are usually shipped two to three weeks after we receive your order. You can pay for fast shipping, but that does not lessen the time needed to make your phones.

More models and upgrades will be added soon. There may be errors in some descriptions. Please check back.

(iPod photo courtesy of Apple)